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Monday, May 3rd 2004, 2:31pm

Sprinkler won't pop up.

I just bought my house and I don't know how what is wrong with my sprinkler system. In one zone, that contains 10 sprinklers, when the timer goes off this zone does nothing, no water comes out, the heads don't pop up. I turn it on manually and the heads pop up a little, I get them to pop up fully by just pulling up on one and the rest follow. I had a friend come over and install a new diaphram and a cellanoid, that didn't work. What else could it be?


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Monday, May 3rd 2004, 4:06pm

Did you check to see if your other zones are slowly leaking at the heads. You might have other valves that are stuck half way open causing your pressure to spread all over the place.

Are you sure that all your shut off valves are open inlcuding the ball valves on your backflow??

What type of valves are they and model?

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