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Wednesday, April 28th 2004, 6:49pm


Thanks for the pats on the back, but aquamatic is also correct in saying that you can still wind up with a flooded basement. While freezing most likely will not be an issue if you have a PVB installed indoors, as aquamatic stated, it is a mechanical device subject to failure.

I'll still stand by my claim that from a safety stand point, a PVB is safe in a basement (given that it will still be above the sprinkler heads, it will do it's job and prevent your house water from getting contaminated. It's just that in a failure condition, you get a very wet basement.


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Thursday, April 29th 2004, 8:26am

I apoligize for my aggresive remarks. Although I feel I didn't cast the first stone, its no excuse for my being drug into a p**sing contest. I guess I felt as though I was being talked down to, and I was taught to always stand up for myself.
houston, thank you, I caught the misspelling of "above" (about), and some missing apostrophe's in my first four posts here. As for those inside the quotes, they are verbatim from aquamatic. As for "through", Webster's shows "thru" as an informal, simplified spelling of "through". I guess I have rambled (mechanical engineering spelling for rampled) on enough on all of this. Again my apoligies.


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Thursday, April 29th 2004, 9:21am

FixItDaddy- My apologizes also to you for coming across as talking down to you- Not my intentions!


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Friday, April 30th 2004, 3:17am

Alright everyone, we can get back to helping each other out as this forum intended. I just wish someone would ask an easy question that I know the answer to!

I maid a speling misteak? If I did it must have bean intenshunle to maik it luk like I kould maik a misteak 2!

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