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Thursday, April 22nd 2004, 4:26am

TORO controller does not open valve

I'm running a TORO Vision II Plus system. This week I turned on the system just like I have been for the last 5 years and the zone valves are not responding to the controller commands. Everything from the controller to the valve box looks and behaves normal. I even shutoff the Rain Sensor just in case it was malfuctioning, no luck there. The only way I can get water is to manually open the valve at the valve box.
Would appreciate any advice, Thanks![8D]


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Thursday, April 22nd 2004, 11:00am

Is it just one valve or all of them- If its all of them, in most cases its a bad ground. Check for any breaks in the wire. There are many options to try . Lets figure out if its only 1 or all valves first.

One thing I use to see if its a controller problem- Use to jumpers from where your 2 wires from the transformer connect inside the controller to the common and connect the other wire to each zone wire.

ANother thing might be your transformer that i not giving the full 24volts to activate the solenoids. Use a test meter and check that out also

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