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Wednesday, April 21st 2004, 4:08pm

Rotors will not rotate

Good evening sprinkler experts,

Did some searches through this forum but did not find any clear answers. If my question is frequently asked and I missed your answers in my search please excuse. Here is my question/problem. Now that it is sprinkling time again I noticied that I have a couple of my Hunter PGP sprinkler heads stop rotating back and forth. These couple of heads pop up and spray fine but does not sweep back and forth. When the sprinkler shuts off, it retracts ok. I can turn the top part by hand when it is popped up and point it in any direction as it sprays. The sprinkler head brand as mentioned is Hunter PGP. Any suggestions for a DIY cleanout or repair? I want to try to fix first rather than replace.



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Thursday, April 22nd 2004, 10:41am

If not sounds like your gears are shot. PGP's have a year stamped on then. Check the age of those things

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