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Wednesday, October 11th 2017, 6:18am

Possible solution


Sorry for bumping a very,very old thread, but I thought a possible solution to this is best
placed here and perhaps others can find it educational, especially if they experience something similar.

We too have some kind of a sound in pipes for about a second(a vibration of sorts) when water
switches from zone 2 to zone 3. But only when it changes zones then and there. What I have discovered was that when zone 3 opens, water 'back flows' slightly from the water main line that comes 'after' the sprinkler, perhaps indicating there might not be enough water for that specific zone because too many heads open at the same time
creating a sudden need for more water.

Now, what prevented this before? A water softener, one which I recently put on bypass because it was
creating low pressure. The water softener was functioning unintentionally as a back flow preventer.

You can check if this is the solution by closing the valve 'after' the sprinkler connection and see if the the sound occurs again when sprinkler is turned on. But also important to check water pressure near the sprinkler line to see if it is within range.

Hope this helps.

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