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Friday, September 22nd 2017, 1:26am

Spigot as Water Source

I am going to redo our backyard with grass. The area is pretty small. Maybe 500 sqft. The problem I have is getting water to the backyard. The main water supply is in the front of the house and I can't really run pipes to the back (concrete, tiles, etc). I can think of two options:

* In the backyard I have a thin (maybe 0.5") pipe coming out from the house for the outside kitchen sink. I might by able to tap into that. However, I have to route that through a 4" pipe underneath 20' of tiles. There is a sharp 90 degree angle so I might have to use a hose to make the connection from that pipe to the grass area.

* There is a spigot in the font of the house. Again there is a 4" pipe that leads all the way to the back. In this case I don't have to do sharp angles so I could probably use PVC pipes from the spigot to the backyard.

What's my best approach to provide water to my backyard?

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