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Sunday, June 25th 2017, 7:43am

One zone non-functional

Was starting to tune up the sprinklers and noticed that one zone is not working. I worked before I replaced a head that was having issues.
Turn on the zone at the controller and go to the valve and I "hear" water.
Turn off the zone, go to the valve and hear nothing. Turn the solenoid on the top counter clockwise and I "hear" water.
Remove the internals of the replaced sprinkler head (did I get debris in the in the line that is clogging ALL the heads. Repeat the solenoid and still don't get water though I hear it.
Am I just down to trying to replace the diaphragm? Is there anyway to troubleshoot that further without disassembling the valve? It is deep and not going to be a fun job.
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Sunday, June 25th 2017, 1:32pm

You say the valve is super deep in the ground. There could easily be a break in the pipe deep in the ground not showing itself.

Is there a hose bib you can attach a pressure gauge to? Test the pressure then turn on the valve. Does the pressure drop a lot or just a tiny bit or nothing? You could compare it to a valve with a similar amount of heads on it to get the basic idea of how much it's supposed to drop. If it drops it's a pipe. Little to no drop it's the valve.

What model valve is it? Maybe you could post a pic of it. Cut n paste the "forum" code.

Just because you can hear water doesn't mean the valve is opening. It could very well be the diaphragm or a clogged port or something else. Different models have different idyosyncrasies.

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