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Sunday, May 21st 2017, 10:01pm

Sprinklers won't pop up fully or spray - new system

Hello! I just finished installing a sprinkler system and both of my two zones act the same way. All 4 sprinklers pop up around an inch or two and water lightly sprays out of them. I'm assuming it's a pressure issue and not really sure what to do.

The main line is 3/4", so I stuck with that for my backflow preventer and inputs / outputs to the manifold. The manifold is around 3 ft away from the house and backflow. I then ran 3/4" poly around 40ft to the split for the sprinklers. The 3/4" is run all the way through with a split to 1/2 up to the sprinkler heads. The sprinklers span another 30 ft.

Prior to the install I measured 5gpm and 48psi at the house. It looks like I'm seeing around 40-45psi at the point 40ft away from the manifold.

Here are two videos of what is going on:
Video 1


What did I do wrong? Any easy ways to fix it?

Sprinkler heads are orbit 54118
4" pop-up



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Monday, May 22nd 2017, 4:44am

You're losing a ton of water out the seals of the sprinklers. What happens when you pull them up by hand. Will they seal and stay up?
Maybe you need better sprinklers. Like the Rainbird 1800 series. Or maybe Toro low pressure pop ups.
Maybe put four shrub adapters on there just to see how it sprays with no leakage.
I'm not used to working on sprinkler systems with such low pressure. To me 60 lbs is low.


Monday, May 22nd 2017, 10:06am

I pulled one up by hand and they all slowly rose up and started spraying. I tried to replicated this afterward and wasn't successful. I'm thinking the water pressure isn't enough to want overcome the spring force.

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