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Thursday, May 18th 2017, 6:06pm

One sprinkler head leaking.

Just last winter, the snow plow truck scraped the top of one of my sprinkler head
When I replaced it, it started to leak even after the sprinkler system was turned off.

original sprinkler head was orbit brand. Tried replacing it with both orbit and rain bird.
Yet it still leaks.

Some sites mention it might be low head drainage or just need a sprinkler with check valve in it.

The one sprinkler with the leakage seems to be at the lowest point of my yard, but also have one other located at the other end of the yard( not leaking)

If anyone have any suggestions or have any idea, it would help greatly.

Thank you



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Thursday, May 18th 2017, 10:25pm

If it's leaking 24 hours a day there's something wrong with the valve controlling that zone. If you have a master valve it could be the master valve. One of the two valves isn't shutting off all the way.
We don't winterize where I live but I know you drain all water out of the manifold and valves. If there's air trapped in the top of a valve it might leak a bit. Open the bleeder screw to remove all the air from the valve. I doubt that's the problem but who knows.
Take the bonnet off of the valve and look for a damaged diaphragm or cracked seat or valve body.
Maybe post a pic of the valve.

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