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Wednesday, April 19th 2017, 1:06pm

wiring questions, replacing Hunter SRC with X-core

I have a 1997 hunter SRC that I am replacing with x-core because the push buttons are finicky lately.. on the SRC I have wires connected to both of the AC terminals (one has 2 red, one has 2 white) I have one wire connected to the "R" terminal and I don't know what it is for. I have 2 wires connected to the RS and one to the C, none to the MV. Why might I have extra wires? All I have is a rain sensor and I have 7 zones which each have one wire. I don't know where to put all the extra wires on the new x-core which has less terminals. The AC adapter is already wired to it.

I understand where the rain sensor wires go on the x-core (assuming it's the spot that says "SEN" and has a jumper that I remove) I do know which wires come from the rain sensor. I just don't know what the other wires are for and which wire is my "common" wire. link to google photo of current wiring..

Thank you!

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Wednesday, April 19th 2017, 8:33pm

It looks like you have a port somewhere for a Hunter remote. That would be the red A/C the white A/C then the blue R.

The other red and white wires on the A/C should go to the transformer.

Then that white wire on the RS terminal is your common wire.

The other two speaker looking wires go to a rain sensor.

That's my best guess from here.

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