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Sunday, April 16th 2017, 11:08pm

Solenoid doesn't turn on the heads but bleed screw does

We recently moved to a new house and I am trying to get the sprinkler system to work. I am a total newbie and here is what I did after a lot of research on google:
-I dug out all sprinkler heads which were covered with soil and cleaned them.
-I turned on the main shut off valve. When I do that I hear water running even though the sprinklers aren't working. Is that normal or does that mean there is a leak somewhere in the pipes?
-I turned on the solenoids (there are 2) Nothing happened.
-I turned on the bleed screws. This activates the zones and sprinklers start working but when I turn off the bleed screw, they keep running. The only way to stop them is to turn off the main shut off valve.
-the controller doesn't work but I didn't get a chance to check why. I wanted to make sure there aren't any plumbing issues before moving onto the controller.
I would appreciate any direction. Thanks!



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Sunday, April 16th 2017, 11:44pm

It sounds like the diaphragms are bad. Or maybe the valve itself. Could you post a picture of the valves?
Go to, upload your pic there, then cut and paste the "forum" code from there to here and your pic will appear.

If you still hear water running then the water's going somewhere. It could be a leak in the pipe, it could be that one of the valves isn't shutting off all the way. Something's going somewhere.

You need to get the controller working to see if you have power at the valves which would mean the wiring's ok.

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