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Wednesday, April 5th 2017, 4:41am

Water Pressure & Conservation

In trying to conserve water and save a few bucks, I checked my static water pressure (90) psi. I was using a lot of water and notice my sprinklers were misting. I installed a Wilkins pressure regulator and dropped the pressure to 62 psi. My biggest water user was a zone containing 3 Rainbird 5000 rotary nozzles. They seem to be working much better now. Does anyone know for sure if 62 psi is still too high or should it be lower ? I've read those Rainbird nozzles need at least 45 psi. Also.... is it true for every 5 psi dropped in water pressure you save approximately 8 % in water use ?


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Saturday, April 8th 2017, 5:12am

First I would be sure your gauge was accurate with 90psi reading, if so its a good thing you reduced the psi. 90 would be way too high if you have 90psi at all your water taps if this is a residential system,you would be having problems with your toilet flush, dishwasher valves, sink faucets, etc.

The greatest impact on water usage would be adjusting the amount of time the sprinklers are on, yes a lower pressure would reduce the amount of water passing thru the head, but the % I am not sure about.

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