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Wednesday, March 22nd 2017, 5:13pm

Orbit, 1 inch Jar type valve, not turn off, even when complete valve, including the body was replaced twice.

For months I have had a problem with a 1 inch Jar type valve that is on at all times. I had initially replaced parts including the diaphragm but then finally cut the tubing and put another complete valve with universal joints in case needed. It is above ground and is the first valve of three. All the parts are in including the spring. I believe that the diaphragm may not be seating correctly, especially since it is vertical. Unless someone has a pearl, I will need to buy a differentt type, like the others that have screws on the faceplate.

I did read the blog from 2012 with a similar complaint.

3.24.17 Yesterday I discovered the problem. Maybe just writing about it on this forum helped me to ponder. It appears that I had mislabeled the zones and the valve I was working on belonged to another zone. I thought I had checked this prior by bleeding the valves and checking the zones. Apparently, I was fooled.
Thanks for your direct and and indirect help, just by improving my cognitive analysis by writing on this forum.

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Thursday, March 23rd 2017, 12:07am

The Orbit Jartop is one of the worst valves on the market.

It's possible you've installed the valve backwards. It looks identical from both directions. Check the arrow for the direction of flow.

Are you 100% positive you're working on the correct valve that's stuck on?

If you disconnct the wire will it shut off?

If you replace the valve make sure it has a flow control. Even though the valve should work fine vertically a flow control turned down a bit can help a valve to shut off.


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Friday, March 24th 2017, 6:39am

Hello Mrfixit. I just saw your reply, but after I had determined what the problem was and then fixed it yesterday. Yes, I was was working on the wrong valve. How stupid, but such is life and that is how we learn. I do very much appreciate it that you went out of your way to advise and try to help. You are one of a kind! :thumbsup: :P

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