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Wednesday, October 12th 2016, 9:06pm

Loosing prime???

Hey everyone.
So I've got a 1.3hp dab irrigation pump with a pressure control switch and a hunter irrigation controller.
The issue is that I can prime the system and run it manually. I can turn the tap off, the system primes up and goes on stand by. I can turn the tap back on and all is fine.
However if I leave the system and come back in half an hour, when I turn the tap on I get about a cup full of primed water then I find out that the system has lost prime and I have to manually prime again. I've replaced the non-return valve with no luck.

Thanks in advance


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Thursday, October 13th 2016, 5:41am

Loss of prime is going to be a suction side issue. What elevation difference is there between the pump and the water?

There is a brand of pumps by the name of Goulds that has an internal diaphragm that will keep the pump primed.

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