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Sunday, May 24th 2015, 6:23pm

Heads Draining with Valve Off

I recently installed a new irrigation system at my home. My side yard is not what I would call sloped but it does have a small drop of maybe 3-4 inches over 10 feet or so. The nozzles on my lower end are now draining after the valve shuts off. I'm currently running Rainbird 1800 with HE-VAN nozzles.

I have read about the 1800-SAM units, but I am confused. It says they have a check valve to not allow water to drain out the low end heads. So, does that mean you install the SAM heads on the upper area or the lower area? I need to get this fixed because I cannot have water running for an hour after my system shuts off and I don't want the problems associated with air hammer to get in my system.


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Monday, May 25th 2015, 8:22am

lower areas get the check valve heads


Wednesday, August 24th 2016, 10:26am

lower areas get the check valve heads
I have the same Rainbirds in the lower areas. What kind of check valves can I install in those sprays?

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