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Saturday, January 3rd 2004, 12:37pm

Replace sprays with rotors on small yard patch?

My front size yard has 6 spray heads, 3 on each side of the yard. Would there be any benefit to replacing the 6 spray heads with 2-3 rotors? I know for sure I can get proper coverage with 3 rotors, but I'm pretty sure I could get away with 2.

Would there be any benefits to this, aside from less heads to maintain?


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Monday, January 5th 2004, 10:49am

How much distance do these spray heads cover?


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Friday, February 13th 2004, 2:33am

If you see that your coverage is ok. Wy change it ? Half the battle is installing more sprays verses fewer with rotors. Rotors are going to cost you more at this point. You should open up the sprays and make sure the screens are clean if you see lack of throw.

WHat type of sprays do you have. Also you need to make sure you have good pressure to pop the rotors and support the longer throw


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Monday, March 1st 2004, 3:44pm

Good question!; I need an answer to the same question about the same situation!
Harold L. Williams

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