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Saturday, July 2nd 2016, 2:33pm

Zone runs until water is turned off-HELP!

I turned on my system this year and all the stations worked as usual, except one zone refuses to shut off. I've read the frequent posts on this topic, but nothing seems to help so far. I have four zones and I have replaced what I thought was the offending valve (didn't change anything) but I'm not sure how to tell which valve goes to which zone. The water runs even when the timer is off and unplugged. Any way to isolate the open valve? I'm a novice in this area but willing to try anything at this point. Thanks in advance for your help.


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Sunday, July 3rd 2016, 1:29pm

If your wiring is not color-coded so you can tell which zone valve is which, you have to manually (not using the controller) activate the valves, one by one, until you identify the stuck-open one.



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Monday, July 4th 2016, 5:33am

Get a piece of hose and put your ear to the valves and listen to see which one is running.
You could also try turning the flow controls off to see if that shuts off the vavle.
You could also turn on all the valves one at a time with the bleeder screw or by turning the solenoid to see which sections they turn on.

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