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Thursday, June 23rd 2016, 4:18pm

Pressure / flow budget for pop-up sprinklers

Hi folks.

I'm installing a new irrigation system for my lawn. I thought I had everything pretty well figured out from online tutorials I've read, but my gardener suggest that, because I'm using 6-inch pop-up sprinklers, I may need few per zone than I've got planned. None of the tutorials I read mentioned that as a consideration.

Here's are the stats from my most heavily-loaded zone:
- Supply: 10.4-gpm @ 30-psi (30-psi is the pressure I intend to regulate down to for my high-efficiency nozzles)
- Calculated flow of all nozzles in zone @ 30-psi: 7.71-gpm

That seems like plenty of overhead to address the needs of the 6-inch pop-ups, but I thought I'd ask your fine folks here before proceeding.



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Thursday, June 23rd 2016, 4:36pm

If you intend to have a good deal of reserve pressure in your zones, then consider using popup sprays that contain built-in pressure regulators.

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