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Monday, May 30th 2016, 7:49pm

Help with Rain Bird 100-DV valve

I can't get a valve to turn on with the sprinkler timer. It will turn on with the bleeder valve and it will turn on by twisting the solenoid. I can hear the solenoid clicking and the sprinklers even turn on for a split second but don't stay on. I've replaced the solenoid and the diaphragm. Any tips on what else I can try? Thanks in advance!


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Monday, May 30th 2016, 8:20pm

If you had an intermittent wire fault, like a bad splice, you might spot that by reading current to the valve with a multimeter, although AC current is not a function of many inexpensive multimeters.

Is there an adjacent valve? You could swap solenoids and see what happens.

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