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Sunday, May 29th 2016, 3:15am

I thought most people like to preserve the Imperial valves because they will pretty much last forever so outside of the electrical issue there is no benefit to changing them out. Am I wrong? If so that does sound like the easiest path but certainly not the cheapest.
No brass diaphragm valve lasts forever. Imperials are very long-lived, but not eternal. The last one I opened up showed some disintegration of internal brass parts, along with needing a new diaphragm, a part long out of production.

It just happens that almost everything about the Imperial valves is out of step with the industry, and no one is willing to fabricate service parts, on account of they would simply cost too much.

Build your interface with five dollar relays and a twenty buck transformer, plus some fuseholders, and maybe that holds you for another decade.

Replace the valves, and call it job done.

Another option could be to repair the Valet controller, but this requires troubleshooting experience. When select pros were offering this service, a repair might be made in about an hour. That repair today would bill out at around $150 minimum in your state.

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