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Monday, May 16th 2016, 2:57pm

Drip Project

Hi Folks. My plan is to install Sprinkler Warehouse product 1/4 In Line drip (DIGML 506 B) on Raised Garden Beds. This drip line has drip emitters every 6 inches. There are 12 beds total, 4 zones. Each bed is 4 ft X 13 ft.
I want 100% water coverage. My question is, how far apart should I place the lines in order to get complete coverage?
Soil is very organic / black looking and I believe the home owner incorporates Hoarse Manure yrly.
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Monday, May 16th 2016, 4:41pm

Your emitter line spacing is generally the same as the distance between emitters. If the soil isn't quick-draining sandy stuff, you could use different emitter tube. If you want to be able to work up accurate watering calculations, get a different emitter tubing, specifically one of the pressure-compensating types like Rain Bird XFD

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