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Sunday, May 15th 2016, 9:05am

Zone comes on without program

15 year old hunter controller is turning one zone on at 11pm. Programs B & C start times are OFF. Program A has start times for four zones at 8pm, 8:15pm, 8:30pm, & 8:45pm each for 15 minutes. This program runs fine but zone 4 comes on again at 11pm. Is controller defective?
I notice when setting the time and date the controller is so old that it does not advance beyond 2011.


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Sunday, May 15th 2016, 12:25pm

You should revise your programming. Only use start time A1, and leave the rest off. Your run times remain 15 minutes. If you want the dates and days of the week to line up, set the year to 2005. (kind of a hack, but it works)



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Sunday, May 15th 2016, 3:24pm

From what you've described the zones ARE coming one when they're programmed to.
You have four start times. Each start time is running for an hour.
All four valves are running at 8 for an hour. Then 9 for an hour. Then 10 for an hour. Then 11 pm just like it's programmed.
You only need ONE start time at 8pm and the valves will run in sequence.

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