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Saturday, April 23rd 2016, 3:01pm

Need Help Replacing Sprayers with Drip Line

Hi. Thanks in advance. I have zero experience with irrigation installation, so apologies for my lack of knowledge.

Anyway, I have 3 raised beds that were previously installed with a rainbird control system that feeds into sprayers in each bed (see photos). I want to remove the sprayer line and replace it with an above-soil drip line, to conserve water, reduce pests, etc. My intention is to plant row crops of leafy greens.

I'm having trouble removing the existing tubing from the PVC parts (see photos). Can anyone suggest the best way to remove this tubing so that I can start fresh with a new and thinner tubing?


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Saturday, April 23rd 2016, 3:46pm

Try some hot water.


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Saturday, April 23rd 2016, 5:24pm

Try some hot water.

Thanks. I think that helped, and I was able to remove the tubing.

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