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Thursday, March 24th 2016, 3:17pm

Raising PVB height

I had installed some risers to my sprinkler system then found out that my pvb needs to be 12" higher than highest sprinkler head. Therefore, I must now raise my PVB. Can I just cut the pipe and extend it above ground level? Or do I have to dig everything up and redo piping so that it is one peice from ground up? Thanks.


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Sunday, March 27th 2016, 9:06am

Plumbing is plumbing. As long as it's good solid work, you can connect the dots any way you choose.


Friday, April 15th 2016, 11:45am


When raising a PVB will not be feasible many local codes allow you to install another kind of backflow called a RPZ. Keep in mind that RPZ's reduce water pressure from 8-12 PSI.

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