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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 2:17pm

Replacing Intermatic with Digital Irrigation Controller


I am a total neweb when it comes to this stuff. So, just purchased a new home. Was looking to replace the old Intermatic irrigation controller with something a little more modern. I do not understand how the zones work. There doesn't seem to be enough wires for multiple zones. But, if I turn the switch off and on it does switch to different zones. Is it sending some kind of signal? I attached a photo for reference. Any help is much appreciated.

Thank you! <img src="" alt="AADYEKhLN2giA8XFUj_VlmxTa" title="AADYEKhLN2giA8XFUj_VlmxTa" style="font-size: 1em;" />




Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 2:18pm


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Tuesday, February 9th 2016, 5:28pm

You have an indexing valve operating your zones, and the controller is not connected to it, but rather is turning on and off the water supplying the indexing valve. That Intermatic controller is going to be more reliable than anything you are likely to replace it with.

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