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Saturday, December 5th 2015, 12:29pm

Cement Telescoping Portion of EV Span (slip) coupling

My sprinkler system had a cracked Tee connector which I replaced with a new Tee and 3 EZ span (slip) couplings (shown in pic) where one end of each coupling can telescope out. There doesn't seem to be any leaks now but when I turn on the water the pressure pushes one of the telescoping portion out. I am worried this could cause issues.
My question is whether there would be any issues or adverse effects if I cemented the telescoping portion in place so it doesn't move anymore when I turn on the sprinklers in this area.


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Saturday, December 5th 2015, 2:27pm

You would be far better off replacing the whole shebang with regular glued fittings and one or two schedule 80 unions. Easy install, full strength, and zero movement.

{P. S. - if that is PVC pipe coming through a foundation wall, it can shear right off if the soil settles next to the house}



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Saturday, December 5th 2015, 3:47pm

I agree. You need to start over. That tee will crack for sure.

You only needed one slip fix. The pipe on the south and one of the other two pipes you should use slip couplings with a bit of pvc pipe. Then attach the tee to those two pipes and a slip fix for the third pipe should be ok.

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