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Saturday, September 5th 2015, 1:41pm

One sprinkler head on zone with 3 heads does not pop up

I have 3 heads on the same zone, 2 of which work flawlessly. The last head in the zone does not pop up, however after shutting down, removing and reattaching head it now pops up. There is still water oozing out from where the head meets the can, as well as water coming out of the nozzle as normally expected.

Not sure how to proceed, any help would be appreciated.

Evergreen Sprinkler

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Friday, September 11th 2015, 10:51am

Your leak may be bad enough that it is taking pressure from that head so it won't popup.


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Monday, September 14th 2015, 4:31pm

It sounds like you may have had some sort of blockage, or maybe a kinked swing line. It is possible there is still blockage causing a pressure loss at the head, or you may have debris between the seal and the riser of the head. Try pushing down on the head while it is running. If it pushes down easily, the pressure is low. If not it may flush out the seal.

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