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Wednesday, September 2nd 2015, 7:27am

Nelson smart zone

I have a smart zone ez. Not sure of model,think its some kind of 8500 number. I changed the battery and reset it,but it will only run a 3 min test. And it doesn't shut off. The system seems to run only on the batt. After 2 days the display is blank. I just bought the house and I think the controller is no good. How do I know if its getting power? I know the outlet is working,but I think the cont. is not getting power. It doesn't run any programs. Should I try to reprogram it? Or would this be a waste of time. When I reset it shouldn't itbrun a program if its getting power? Thanks, Artie.


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Wednesday, September 2nd 2015, 8:10am

the controller can 'operate' on battery power, but that doesn't make the zone valves work, since they require 24VAC

How many zones do you have?

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