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Yong Park



Saturday, August 22nd 2015, 10:37pm

Water hammer from sprinkler system

I had a very bad water hammer noise from the pipe of my house every time a sprinkler valve closes and have done so many things including installing water hammer arrestors and pressure regulator but couldn't solve.
Recently, I installed Superior anti-siphone valve and all the noise was gone amazingly.
It closes slowly instead of quick shut off as seen most of the valves. Its model number is 850AS075 for 3/4 inch pipe and has a bypass tube.



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Sunday, August 23rd 2015, 1:04pm

Here's the valve you mentioned.

Hi Yong. I've also found that the Superior 800 valve adapters are the most effective valve in dealing with water hammer.
They shut off super slow. I made the mistake one time of taking out the 800's and installing Superior brass in lines, 950's. The system had water hammer after that.
You don't need the tube unless you're dealing with low flow.
Depending on the severity of the hammering the 800's will virtually eliminate the banging. Even when the hammering is bad the 800's get rid of 80-90% of the hammering. That's a rough estimate. It's just my observational guess.

The valves are expensive but are well worth the money in some cases.

Thanks for the post.

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