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Wednesday, August 12th 2015, 2:46pm

Valve identification

I have a 9-station inground sprinkler system that uses 9 Rainbird DV-100 valves. One of my pop-up sprinkler heads on station #7 is gurgling water when the station is not active and i suspect the diaphragm in the valve that controls station #7 needs to be cleaned/replaced. My question is how to i identify which of the 9 valves controls station #7? The valves do not hum or vibrate when active, the Rainbird tech support didn't have an answer and i have been unable to find the answer online.

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Wednesday, August 12th 2015, 6:02pm

Take a metal sprinkler key or any long metal rod and set it on the valve. Then take the other end and set it up against your ear and the hissing noise will travel.

If you know which heads are leaking just manually turn on each valve by loosening the soleniods one at a time then you can determine which valve runs those heads.


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Wednesday, August 12th 2015, 9:36pm

Absent any audible indications, you can always employ a clamp-around ammeter to determine which wire(s) are carrying current.

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