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Sunday, August 9th 2015, 2:31pm

Sprinkler System little pressure

Hello guys,

Got a slight issue and looking for a bit of guidance. Just recently purchased a home. The previous owner said that the sprinkler system has not been used for quite some time. I replaced the controller and found 4 of the 6 valves. The 4 valves I did find are all getting current and are opening when activated. The issue that currently has me stuck is that only zone 2 has water at the valve and not much pressure. All the other valves are dry. I am assuming that the previous owner shut the water off to the system but I am having little luck finding the water main to the sprinkler system. Most systems I have seen have the main shutoff at the water main or outside near where the controller is but I have had no luck finding them at either location.

I am attaching photos of both locations. And advice on where or what to try next to get pressure to the system is much appreciated.

It is also worth noting that I have no idea why the previous owner did not say why he quit using the system. The main controller was fried so I am hoping that is why.

Thanks in advance everyone.




Sunday, August 9th 2015, 2:37pm

Here are some photos of my water main and the controller and where the controller exits the garage




Sunday, August 9th 2015, 3:39pm

Nevermind I am blind and didn't see it until I looked at my own pictures...

Quick question though. Anyone know how many turns usually is wide open for the sprinkler main for each gate (the valves on each side of the back flow preventer)


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Sunday, August 9th 2015, 4:43pm

How many turns? It varies. You generally turn the handle until it stops, then back off that stop just a bit, so there's less of a chance of handles sticking.

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