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Wednesday, August 5th 2015, 11:46am

Hardie 6100 Controller

After a recent power outage I went to change the time on the Controller, and enter the correct amount of watering time for each zone. The clock on the controller will not advance and I am unable to enter any amount of time in the zones. It is only showing 1200. I have unplugged the wall outlet so it can reset, and I have changed the battery. I did notice today that someone had foil on the fuse which I removed and now have replaced. Once the fuse was replaced and the unit plugged back in I am only getting the time on the clock. It will not let me program the zones or the days of the week. Help!!?? Do I need a new clock? The clock I have says 1994 on the sticker and I've owned the home for 15 years.

Thanks, Beechrn ?(


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Wednesday, August 5th 2015, 4:55pm

Yep, it's time to get a new controller.

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