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Sunday, July 19th 2015, 3:50pm

Micro pop-up sprinklers not working well

Finally got around to beginning installation on landscaping project. I bought an extensive amount of materials from Sprinkler Warehouse, including multiple DIG micro pop-up sprinklers.
I've just installed 9 new, DIG 12" micro pop-up sprinklers on one line (nothing else on the line). I have a 25 PSI pressure reducer in the line (recommended PSI is 15-30). I'm using 3/4" poly main, with 1/4" line from the mains to connect to the pop ups.

All of the spray heads work perfectly, but 4 of the 9 pop ups fail to extend fully, therefore, water is bubbling out of the base. If I pull up the non-extended stalks, all heads have plenty pressure and spray in their full pattern without any anemia. In order to trouble shoot I turned off all of the micro sprinkler heads except one (each time leaving one of the 'defective' ones) and it still did not extend fully.

This is very disconcerting, because 4/9 are not working properly and I bought about 20+ of these pop-us micro sprayers.

I'm beginning to think that the DIG product is somewhat inferior. Would appreciate any ideas, input, etc.


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Monday, July 20th 2015, 5:45am

try more pressure - you are at a stage where you can't do much else without a complete teardown - professionals put "micro-pop-ups" high on the list of things they will never install - from strictly a plumbing viewpoint, the idea of a popup running trouble-free from a "spaghetti-tube" water feed seems to be optimistic

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