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Wednesday, May 6th 2015, 11:57am

Two valve boxes "one" common wire

I'm new to this forum and am new to the world of sprinkler systems/wiring. We bought a house with a fully installed
sprinkler system (Rainbird ESP). I've turned on the system (now that it's warm enough), and discovered 4 of my 7 zones didn't operate. After a lot of trouble shooting and wire splicing, I became frustrated and cut all of the lines. Now, I've got a cut 8-strand wire from my controller coming into my back yard valve box with 5 valves, and 3 white-colored wires (one common and two "hot" wires) that run from out of my 5-valve back yard box to a 2-valve box in the front yard. Two questions: what is the best way to connect the common wire from my controller (going into my 5-valve box) to the common wire running out of my 5-valve box to my front yard 2-valve box? And, how large of a connector (wire nut) do I need to connect the 7 "hot wire" valve wires to the one common wire (coming from my controler box). I tried to do this, however, the common wire kept coming out of the wire nut (I used a wire nut that had the silcon in it).


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Thursday, May 7th 2015, 6:06am

no need to try to connect all the commons in one wire nut


Friday, May 8th 2015, 2:25pm

Thanks. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't overlooking something. I also bought a Blazing Products BVS2 Wire Connector to help me with all of those wires in my back yard box.

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