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Saturday, November 22nd 2003, 8:10am

irritrol controller

My controller just started flashing "short" on all 15 stations! I just can not believe that all 15 valves or the wiring leading to them shorted yesterday. I checked the output from the transformer and it is OK. I suspect it is the brain and I am into buying a new controller. Also all the wiring to the bus bars looks great.
Any ideas?? Thanks, Steve


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Monday, November 24th 2003, 5:42am

I am assuming it is Hardie (irritrol) Total control timer?

Usually, if the timer is older...the back panel goes bad.....I would just replace the timer.....sometimes on the back panel a solder connection gets shorted...

but: try this first....disconnect power to timer and remove battery...wait 30 seconds then hook up power and then new battery.....try to run manually after that...if still says short...probably bad timer....sorry
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