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Tuesday, March 17th 2015, 8:09am

Hunter Pro-C turns zone on for few seconds and then off for a while.

Times seem to be fairly random. This is zone 7 and sometimes we see zone 8 do the same thing. Moved zone 7 wire to zone 9 screw on the controller and it does the same but with shorter ON times.
We live in Florida and have built up a lot of silt in the lines but not enough to hinder water flow. Last year silt built up in the valve on zone 7 and it ran all day before our neighbor called us in Montana to tell us about it. He closed the manual shut-off valve for zones 7 and 8 which solved the problem short term. When we got home I rebuilt the manifold to raise the valves above the level of the heads so the silt wouldn't build up in the valves.
I plan to disassemble the valves to see if there is damage to the diaphragm but I believe the zones would run all the time if they were damaged. Will also try a hard reset which I learned about today on this forum.
Any knowledge related to this problem would be appreciated.


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Tuesday, March 17th 2015, 11:41am

If you have silty water, then your control valves should be something that can handle it, like a Rainbird PESB


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Monday, April 27th 2015, 10:52pm

I would venture to say that it is debris blocking one of the ports in the valve. I would pull it apart and look for anything blocking the little hole that goes to the solenoid from the diaphragm or from the diaphragm to the downstream side of the valve. Probably gets sucked in there after a few seconds and then rolls back out once the system is off and will run again. Clean'm up and see if it goes again. Another possibility is a failing solenoid. Sometimes you will have a solenoid that has a wire that is getting hot and 'breaking' and then cooling down and coming back together. The way to check this is to swap another solenoid on to that valve and see if it works. (there are other more scientific ways but that one works)


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