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Sunday, September 11th 2011, 2:30pm

Rainbird ESP message No Mod 1 and zones have stopped operating

this is my first post. New member. I own a Rainbird ESP controller with 7 zones installed. 1-4 are operating fine. 5,6,7 are installed, but not operating now, and the controller is now displaying "no mod 1" when dial is in set in positions 5,6,7. I have double-checked that the module hs the lever in the "locked" position. What is the next logical trouble-shooting step to getting zones 5,6,7 operating again? MT


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Sunday, September 11th 2011, 3:27pm

try a reboot


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Tuesday, September 13th 2011, 6:31am

Unplug controller. Unlock and remove all modules. Wait a minute or so. Re-install modules and lock into place. Plug in controller. If you still have same problem, then you need to replace just the MOD 1.
Russell Hulsey, CIC




Friday, June 27th 2014, 1:34pm

Rainbird zones 5,6,7

I just wanted to reply to this posting to add that I also have the same Rainbird controller and have seemed to run across this issue. The strange thing is I have 9 zones and yet the exact same zones have came up as No MOD 1. There must be some kind of defect where only zones 5,6, and 7 are affected and go out.

If the original poster happens to come back to read this, please list what you have done to correct the issue so myself, and others can go about doing the same being that it seems it may be an issue others may/will experience.

Thanks for the posting this.




Friday, July 4th 2014, 11:42am


I rebooted and it fixed the Mod 1 and Mod 2 problem. Took less than two minutes.

Steve Z



Sunday, April 12th 2015, 7:10pm

RE: Mod1

I rebooted and it fixed the Mod 1 and Mod 2 problem. Took less than two minutes. Perfect Solution for me as well. Thank you for taking the time to post this.

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