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Saturday, March 21st 2015, 12:08pm

Are Weathermatic valves just super loud?

Hi. I bought 6 new "silver bullet" Weathermatic valves as well as a new controller. I was just testing the controller and engaged a valve and it scared the heck out of me with a loud "pop" and a loud buzz while engaged. When I say "loud"... ok, it isn't a jet engine but it is CLEARLY heard from across a large room. The lights in the room also dimmed, so it seemed it was drawing a lot of current!

Bad valve? So I try the next one. Same thing. I haven't been brave enough to try a 3rd.

I read somewhere that often the cause is not enough voltage. So maybe its a bad controller. Well, I still have my old controller so I could try that, but even when I apply the voltage directly from the transformer (which says 24-26VAC but I measure 29) it still makes the same shocking pop and loud buzz.

Is this just normal for Weathermatic?

Did I miss some advice where you should never test them dry? (I'm testing them in my office).

I'm going to try to measure the current draw... what is normal?


Edit: It is pulling 6W so not very high (I guess my office lights are sensitive!). I checked a 3rd valve, just in case I happened to have 2 bad ones... what are the odds 3 brand new ones are defective? They are all loud. I think the only thing I haven't ruled out is the transformer itself.

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Saturday, March 21st 2015, 1:11pm

I guess it is "normal". I removed the solenoid and it was still loud, but once I removed the spring it was silent. Playing with it, I was able to position it 'just so' and it was quiet with the spring, but moving it off-axis even a couple degrees caused it to vibrate again.

Unbelievable how loud it is compared to my previous valves, which I never noticed. I took the valve to the install area and put it in the buried box and I can still hear it in my house (adjacent room) with the windows closed. However, I have the water off during all this so maybe that quietens it? I guess it is possible my previous valves made the same noise and I just never noticed it over the water sound.


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Saturday, March 21st 2015, 3:38pm

Don't run solenoids dry, if you can avoid doing so. In any event, a sprinkler zone valve, underground, isn't going to wake the baby when its energized, even if it buzzes. (and some solenoids happen to buzz)

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