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Sunday, September 29th 2002, 5:31am

Backflow devise

What depth can a backflow devise be installed in the ground?


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Sunday, September 29th 2002, 10:49am

I install them in the ground at 18" at the most. But I mostly install PVB's above the ground 18" Because they are easier to service and repair.


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Thursday, July 24th 2003, 4:02pm

Unless rise or drop from you heads is an overriding concern, bury it only as far down as you can reach and easily service the device.

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Tuesday, August 19th 2003, 1:48pm

The PVB is easier to service becuase it is out of the ground....the double check is installed out of the way up to 18" deep at the most.......any deeper and you will have trouble serviceing and shutting it off if you have to.......install them deep enough to be covered and have the valve box level with the ground that it is to be buried in!
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