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Saturday, August 23rd 2014, 11:36am

Irritrol TC-24EX-R gets gibberish settings

Every month or two, one circuit on a quite new Irritrol TC-24EX-R suddenly develops gibberish settings which leave the valve running (who knows how long?) until I notice it in the morning.

It happened today, again, and I went through all programs and times, and noticed that the time settings for the valve in question (today, 14) were messed up in all four programs ABCD in' "Station Times". Messed up means not only a different time from what was originally programmed, but times that are impossible (42 hours and 78 minutes) and even partially disrupted characters (0 with no top, for example).

Everything else in the programming was fine.

Is this unit defective and should be replaced? Sunspots? Power line noise (we did have thunderstorms and a brief power outage earlier this week)?

Is there a way to reboot, and would that be worthwhile?

thanks for suggestions!


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Sunday, August 24th 2014, 11:15am

RE: Irritrol TC-24EX-R gets gibberish settings

we did have thunderstorms and a brief power outage earlier this week
Pretty much all you need to know.

To erase program information for a selected program:
1. Select Program A, B, C or D with the Program switch.
2. Turn the function dial to the Program Erase position. The display will show “ERASE.”
3. Press and hold the OFF button until “ DONE ” is displayed.
4. Repeat this procedure for each program you wish to erase.




Monday, August 25th 2014, 4:59pm


You can unplug the ribbon cable from the circuit board and remove the battery for 45 min to an hour. Also try clearing the programs like Wetboots suggested. If that doesn't fix it, you may just need a new timer face. Is it older than five years?

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