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Monday, August 11th 2014, 8:37pm


I just took a closer look at my water Meter. It appears to have 5/8 inch copper pipe. So the 1 inch main comes in, then gets cut down to 5/8 to go through the meter and the back to 1 inch. I missed that earlier. Is that significant?


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Tuesday, August 12th 2014, 8:53am

RE: Low pressure

As far as the flow and pressure testing you are referring to. You're suggesting I measure how much water passes through the meter while running water in the house? Should I just open a couple of the sinks around the house and see how much water passes during a minute?
You need a pressure gauge with an adapter to thread it onto a hose bib. Then you need to find an outdoor hose bib that is fed from as close to the water meter as possible. That's where the gauge goes. You have your static pressure measured, then you open some faucets in the house. Record the reading on the outdoor pressure gauge and them get a flow reading from the meter. The very newest meters might have an electronic display of the flow. Older meters require you to use a wristwatch and note the meter readings at the start and finish of the time interval.

The reason you want to pay attention to just where the gauge is placed, is that you want to know what the pressure is at near to the meter, and picking a hose bib line that shares as little pipe as possible with the house plumbing, will get you best accuracy. (of course, if your house plumbing includes a hose bib drain right at point where the meter connects to the house plumbing, you need look no further for where to connect a gauge)

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