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Thursday, July 31st 2014, 10:40pm

System tear out

I have a client (townhome association) that wants a bid on a brand new system. Except Backflow and pump. The mainline is 2" and runs several thousand feet. It's 33 zones and covers about 3.5 acres. They have had a lot of problems with it. It's 16 years old and all laterals are PVC. This year I have fixed the main line in 3 places, fixed 7 or more lateral breaks, replaced the pump and flow switch. There are a ton of driveways and laterals run under each. This is a huge pain, they know it's going to cost an insane amount of money. I also found quite a sediment in the mainline and several of the laterals.

I have tried talking them out of it, but they insist on it.

Any advice for a complete system redo? The tear out will be the hardest since all heads will need to be removed also.


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Friday, August 1st 2014, 7:11am

Where's the location? I would shy away from removing the old system, and maybe spec a different material for the new lines, should location allow.

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