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Jack N

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Sunday, July 27th 2014, 9:10am

Spray vs drip

I purchased a house with an irrigation system already installed. I learned very quickly that the system couldn’t possibly have been “designed” at all. The coverage and selection of heads and nozzles is horrendous, so now I’m in the process of trying to fix it. The house has a lot of landscaping work done, and the irrigation for the landscaping that runs right next to the house on three sides is what I’m working on now. Only two sprays were used for this entire area, and basically all they did was water two plants because they have grown much larger. About as close to useless as you can get. Also, the two sprays are tied into a zone that uses four rotors to water the grass. The rest of the areas didn’t receive any irrigation at all. I’m surprised that the plants survived for as long as they did. So I’ve decided to pull the sprays and use a lengthy drip line (on its’ own zone) to cover the entire area. I’ve never used a drip line before and I’m wondering what some of the “do’s and don’ts” are. Also, is there a rule of thumb for time as to how long a drip should run?

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Sunday, July 27th 2014, 3:33pm

Keep even spacing of drip lines
Try to avoid end feeding a section of line. Strive to feed from the center point of a section of drip line so as to "balance" the flow of water.
Run time will vary depending on soil compsition and age of plants.

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