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Saturday, July 19th 2003, 5:32am

Pump suction side filter

I need some comments on the 'T' type filters that you offer. My local sprinkler distributor offers them but does not sell many, they push a product called 'bigfoot' (media filter) that they fill with pearock. Talked to an installer working in the neighborhood who uses 'bigfoot' who wraps fine mesh aroung the filter without any pearock.......can you say screen filter????????
I live a on a lake thats pretty clean and getting cleaner due to the infestation of zebra mussels. I'm designing and installing my own sprinkler system around Jess Strykers tutorial, who puts great emphasis on water filtration. My filtering needs are sand and algae on a initial design flow of 34 gpm (Wayne 2hp pump) 1 1/2" outlet
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Saturday, July 19th 2003, 6:42am

I dont have much experience with just hang on and im sure another "guy" will help you!!

Rays Above and Beyond Automatic Lawn Sprinklers
Rays Above and Beyond Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

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