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Thursday, July 3rd 2014, 2:58pm

Will this loop design work?

Water source: 1" PVC Main from 5/8" Meter, city water. Tee'd up to a 2' section of 1-1/4" PVC for flow check, which open ended produced ~18 GPM. Static pressure is 60 PSI.

Will be using a PVC ball valve main stop, a double check, and one 1-1/4" Hunter valve with Node controller. This will all tie into a 100' straight run of 1-1/4" PVC, connecting to an identical 100' run, 40' parallel to the first, producing a 40' x 100' loop around the house.

There will be 26 Hunter spray bodies (with 30/40 PSI control) with MP rotator nozzles distributed around the entire loop, ranging from .14 to .27 GPM flows at 30 PSI. Sprays will be 1/2" poly pipe connected in 10' lengths or less. Nozzles used will be MP 1000, 2000, Side, Right, and Left strips.

Total flow at less than 7 GPM. Basing design on 12 GPM and 30-40 PSI. PVC pipe and poly pipe loss of less than 10 PSI. Have not calculated fitting losses yet.

Will build/load test loop a section at a time. Decided to do this just for curiosity as I have built a few dozen systems based on normal, multi-zone, designs with wall mounted controllers. First time using MP Rotators.

Do you think this will fly?


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Thursday, July 3rd 2014, 4:39pm

18 gpm from a 5/8 meter will fly like a lead balloon. The classic 5/8 meter design maxes out at 15 gpm, and a modern 3/4-5/8 meter will get you maybe 25 gpm as a maximum. You are not supposed to design at maximum meter capacities. Besides, when you near meter capacities, not only to they run noisy and wear out sooner, they have significant friction losses.

60 psi static is a low number to be running MP Rotators with.

The other missing design data is the supply line details. Distance between street and meter. Size of tap in the street. Size and type of pipe between tap and meter.


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Saturday, July 5th 2014, 3:41pm

I concur,
I would add that anything above a 1" valve in your case is a waste of cash.
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