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Saturday, June 7th 2014, 12:06pm

Loud noise from neighbors sprinkler system

I live in a neighborhood in Houston, TX and share a meter box with my neighbor, although we have separate meters. In 1989 the neighbor's son decided to try being a sprinkler installer and put in his first system in my neighbors yard. I do not believe he put in a backflow preventer, as required. The house has been sold several times since that time. Whenever their sprinkler system runs, I get a loud constant noise in the pipes in my attic. It is especially loud when it starts, and when it changes zones, but it is a constant vibrating noise in my pipes. It literally sounds like a small generator running in my attic. I have asked numerous plumbers over the years, and called into radio shows, with no effective solution.
If I turn off the water valve to my house, the noise stops, so the noise is not traveling in the pipe itself, but in the water in the pipe. I have had the water meter changed twice, and have reset the air chamber a hundred times, with no change. I have dug up my water line to make sure it doesn't contact my neighbors. I was wondering if an in-line check valve may help? And ideas on what is causing this?


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Saturday, June 7th 2014, 7:45pm

Is there any pressure-reducing valve feeding your house? What are the water pressures you see? (with and without sprinkler operation)

Consider getting your own exclusive meter tap in the street, sharing nothing with neighbors.

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