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Tuesday, July 1st 2003, 3:25pm

Dawn Saddle-Bolts breaking??

I am a homwowner and I have been having problems w/ the Dawn Industries (Colorado) Kwikseal, white plastic-the "simple, reliable" plastic swivel bolts keep breaking?????

I live in southern Michigan. The installer, a good friend, died soon after installing so I am maintaining it myself-probably would of anyway. Maybe they were tightened too much at installation?? That's what the manu. told me today when I called and asked if they had redesigned them to be more durable since 1995. I was told they have not had a problem w/ them breaking. The manu. volunteered to send me (6) saddles for free, model 100D (1" poly pipe).

Is there an better, simple replacement or I can just keep replacing them. The system consists of Hunter PGP,4" w/ 14 heads on 4 zones.

Thanks for the info,

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Tuesday, July 1st 2003, 5:56pm

Not really. Just make sure when you replace those saddles that you get the saddle on top of the old hole that was bored.

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