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Friday, March 21st 2014, 5:28pm


I have a Rain Dial RD900-INT Controller which keeps on draining the 9 volt batteries. In so doing it fails to turn on all of the valves so I cannot water my lawn. Do I have a controller or valve problem?



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Saturday, March 22nd 2014, 1:58am

The battery will not run the sprinkler system. All the battery does is save the programming in case of a power failure.

If the battery is draining then check and see if there's power to the controller.
Could be a bad transformer.
Could be the outlet has no power. Is it a GFI? Press the reset.
It could be that the outlet is turned on and off by a light switch and someone keeps turning it off so the battery is drained.
I'm assuming you haven't ran the controller manually when you replaced the battery. It should work even without a battery installed if the controller has power.
Is the fuse blown? Some Rain Dials have fuses some don't. Swing open the faceplate and see if there's a fuse attached to the circuit board. It will be obvious if there is one.
If the fuse is blown there could be a short in the wiring or a bad solenoid.

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