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Friday, March 14th 2014, 6:28pm

Weathermatic T-3 rotors

Customer of mine has a system with the t-3 weathermatic rotors on it, after the years (20) roughly, the system has mixed rotors and nozzles. I am replacing them with the rain bird 5000 series. I looked up the turbo 3 rotors and the new nozzle tree has blue nozzles with no number 5 nozzle?? why is there no number 5 nozzle? I have one rotor I took off and it has a black number 5 nozzle. I figured gpm is around 3.75 for the number 5, but I was just curious on why no number 5 nozzle on the new tree?

Any info will help just want the knowledge.. thanks


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Monday, March 17th 2014, 7:08am

the Rainbird 5000 nozzles are numbered according to actual flow - they see no need for a 5 gpm nozzle

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