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Wednesday, June 4th 2003, 7:33pm

Toro Ag Head Sprinklers

Help! I have had some Toro Ag Head Sprinklers for about 28 years, they are just now starting to wear out and I'm not happy with the new replacements, does anyone out there have any of the old style ones in stock? Thanks Will

william santos
william santos

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Thursday, June 5th 2003, 8:18am

No all of the old heads, phased out and are now replaced witht he ones you see today. I think those must be VERY old because i have never heard of them. Are they rotors or sprays. The heights also changed with the heads, and if you need replacement my suggestion is .....

Rotors - Tbird (lower pressure)
Hunter PGP (higher Pressure)

Sprays - Toro 570

All obtainable at Sprinkler Warehouse, You can move to a higher pop up using funny pipe which is like an extension cord, to the regular line, so you dont have to dig down the actual line

Rays Above and Beyond Automatic Lawn Sprinklers
Rays Above and Beyond Automatic Lawn Sprinklers

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